Advanced Facial Treatments

Hydrate. Anti-Age. Control. Stimulate.

Advanced Facial Treatments

Our variety of facial treatments ensures we can target all skin types and skin concerns. With our Advanced facials we use machines/technologies, active ingredients and focused skincare products to target those skin concerns our clients wish to improve.

Cryo Facial Therapy

Our CryoFacial uses the aspect of cold temperatures to revive and refresh the skin. Using the combination of hot & cold we are encouraging blood to the surface which causes blood vessels to constrict (known as VasoConstriction). Our muscles tighten and blood vessels constrict to retain heat. Therefore, this process encourages the tightening and toning of pores and muscles of the face.

When your skin neutralises and returns to a normal body temperature, the blood vessels dilate quickly causing an increased flow of blood and oxygen to the face. 

This is where we see a glowing healthy effect.

60 minutes – £50.00


Advanced Hydro Facial

Our Aqua Cleanse treatments include our AQUA3 machine which is a 3-in-1 technology that combines the extraordinary cleansing power of water peeling sequential acids via aspirated suction (Mandelic, Salicylic & Hyaluronic Acid) paired with mild microdermabrasion and transdermal cosmetic delivery via mesoporation.

An ultra-effective treatment that raises the standard of any facial treatment, ensuring maximum hydration and ultimate effectiveness of active ingredients

Advanced Hydro Facial with Dermaplane
90 minutes - £85.00

Aqua cleanse facial included with a dermaplane

Advanced Hydro Facial
60 minutes - £65.00

Focussed back cleanse great for acne prone skin and controlling oil production



Skin Ageing is a complex phenomenon caused by a variety of factors. The Tri-Lift is a bespoke approach to comprehensively tackle skin ageing.

As the skin ages we lose the mass of collagen and elastin production, this is what gives our skin a toned and plumped effect. Due to the loss of this the skin becomes thinner.

Wrinkles begin to develop of varying depth and length and the face gradually loses its definition.

We have the TriLift treatment and programme to target and combat those signs of ageing, this programme features three different technologies, each with a specific function designed to be effective on its own and especially in collaboration with each other.

We aim to hydrate, lift and tone the skin as well as redefining muscle tone.

This can be over the course of an Adapted Programme or all 3 in the same day, you can discuss this with your Specialist.

90 minutes - £85.00

The TriLift Includes - The Aqua 3, Plasma Lift & Filler Lift

Enhanced Tri Lift
120 minutes - £120.00

Includes Dermaplane

Adapted Facial therapy
60 minutes - £65.00


TriLift youth booster neck & decolletage

This is the area we tend to forget when going through our beauty routine, and as the years go by, with possible sun damage and lack of moisture, this area will start to lack elastin and collagen, causing the skin to look dull, dry or dehydrated.  We use a number of luxury products & procedures to help reverse the damage caused, such as Age Spots, Sagging Skin and Wrinkles & Lines due to dehydration.  We have developed a treatment that can help combat the signs of ageing in this area

This procedure is the Ultimate Youth Booster for your Neck & Décolleté area.  A number of machines & techniques are used to cleanse, hydrate, lift and tone, leaving the skin hydrated, radiant and youthful. 

TriLift youth booster neck & decolletage
60 mins - £50.00

The Ultimate Youth Booster for your Neck & Décolleté area

Enhanced TriLift youth booster neck & decolletage
90 mins - £75.00

Includes Dermaplane

Adapted Facial therapy
60 minutes - £65.00

Iridium eye therapy

Iridium is a precisely formulated program which helps to combat skin ageing and to treat eye contour imperfections in a targeted, effective manner.

Iridium Eyes Pressotherapy is a special eye mask which, through an intelligent vibrating massage, warms and soothes the eye contour. With the help of our Clinical products it visibly reduces under eye dark circles, fatigue and wrinkles

20 mins - £30.00
30 mins - £35.00

Plasma lift for face

A new energy resource to lift and regenerate facial skin using currents to stimulate blood flow and instantly plump skin. Designed to have an immediate toning effect on skin tissue, redefining the outline of the face, lifting the oval shape and filling out areas that have taken on an empty appearance due to ageing.

40 mins - £45.00

Filler lift for face

Monopolar radio frequency vibrating technology with a device that ensures the deep penetration of special B Fill vitamins, a concentrate of active molecules which bring about intense skin rejuvenation. Joined with heat absorption this treatment promotes skin stimulation and skin toning.

30 mins - £35.00

Lymph drainage massage

Lymph drainage massage is a great way to get the workings of the lymphatic system going.  If your system is slow and sluggish, toxins can build up and cause your face to look puffy.  Our massage can reverse the signs of this by draining the toxins into the nodes, it’s like cleansing your body from within.

10 mins - £10.00

Benefits & Results from an Advanced Facial

Skin Rejuvenation
Non Invasive

How does an Advanced Facial Treatment work?

Express Experiences to add on…

Why not select an express experience to enhance your treatment further!

Bespoke treatments made simple…

Genosys Soothing Bomb Sea Algae Mask

Soothing, cooling, moisturising & firming

Genosys Intensive Repair Collagen Mask

Skin rejuvenation & added hydration

Genosys Peptide Gel Sheet Mask

Calming, cooling & hydrating

Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Massage

With essential oils for 10mins

Healing Hands Massage

Healing Hands Massage

Chemical Peel

Glycolic or Dermalogica Pro Peel 20/30mins

Plump & Define Lip Treatment

For 10 mins treatment

Lymph Drainage Massage

For 10 mins massage

Refresh, Lift & Tone Eye

For 15 mins treatment

LED Light Therapy 10

For 10 mins therapy

LED Light Therapy 20

For 20 mins therapy

LED Light Therapy 30

For 30 mins therapy

Why NEC?

Clients regularly comment on their 1-1 experience at NEC. We always show our genuine care and compassion giving clients support from the moment they walk through the door. We pride ourselves on our clinical yet calming environment, which instantly makes all clients feel at ease.   

Using our certified, high quality products and showing our dedication – client satisfaction is always proven. Full aftercare is always given post treatment to enjoy at home, which includes our 5 Senses aftercare gift. With easy access and free parking, right outside, The Clinic is the perfect choice for anyone looking for exceptional services and results.


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