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Sun Exposure and UV Protection

What do we mean by sun exposure? 

Throughout the day our skin is naturally exposed to UV and environmental factors which cause skin ageing. 

One of the main skin ageing factors is UV ray exposure, also known as Sun Exposure. 

Over time UV rays damage our skin barrier and cause the ageing process to begin; this includes fine lines & wrinkles appearing and dehydration. 

Not only this, UVB radiation causes sunburn and can contribute to more severe skin concerns/issues.

We are exposed to these rays almost all hours of the day (in some form) however, there are ways we can limit the damaging effects and this is by using SPF daily. 

SPF is Sun Protection Factor and we recommend SPF50 for daily use, this is a high measure of how the product will protect your skin from UVB rays.

Short-Term Effects of Sun Exposure;

– Tanned/change in skin tone 

– Potential sunburn

– Tightened skin

– Reduction in breakouts & oil production due to dehydration 

Long-Term Effects of Sun Exposure;

– Damaged skin barrier 

– Dehydrated skin

– Less moisture in the skin

– Enhanced skin ageing 

– Fine lines & wrinkles

– Increased/significantly higher risk of severe skin concerns

As we can see the long-term effects & risks out way the short term, this is why it’s so important to be applying SPF to the skin on a daily basis to ensure our skin is protected at all times. 

*When in direct sun exposure reapplying SPF every 3-4 hours is essential to prevent burning.

Dermalogica Product Recommendations:

– Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 

– Prisma Protect SPF30

– Invisible Physical Defense SPF30