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Microblading gives cosmetic makeup a modern twist, although this method has been around for centuries it has only gained popularity over the last few years. The technique consists of implanting fine hair strokes with a handheld Microblading tool, this look is super natural and is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their eyebrow shape, colour and symmetry.


Benefits of this treatment is that It enhances your natural brow giving the illusion of real hair strokes which settle to your skin leaving a fabulous natural brow.


If you are pregnant you won’t be able to get this treatment done until post pregnancy, there may be other conditions to getting the treatment

Possible side effects

You will normally have 40% colour loss after your eyebrows have healed and the initial, immediate look will be darker and thicker, this will change within 7-10 days.


Immediately after, brows may seem darker and thicker looking. This will fade as the brows heal, they may have some redness, but this will go down in a few hours. The results are immediate and noticeable, post treatment you will be left with new eyebrows to then continue with aftercare.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a process of restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape. This gives a full and fluffy look enhancing your already brow shape; adding texture and tones back into your brows!

How long does it take

The first initial brow Lamination treatment takes 30-40 minutes and this process is advised to be kept on top of with a recurring appointment every 6-8 weeks to maintain that newly defined fluffy brow!


Brow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is a treatment where a pigmented dye is directly applied to the hair to dye that area a desired shade. This can help to disguise any sparse areas to your brows and simply make them look more defined.

How long does it take

Brow tinting takes 10-15 minutes, the tinting can last from 3-6 weeks depending on the client. A recurring appointment is advised.


Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow shaping is the removal of stray hairs either by plucking or waxing. This will allow you to regain your natural brow shape without having stray uneven hairs getting in the way!

How long does it take

Our brow shaping treatment takes around 20 minutes.  We take time and effort to perfect and map your natural shape to then remove any hairs which do not need to be there!

Depending on your hair cycle this treatment may need to be done weekly or even monthly it really does vary! As each treatment progresses, we can come to understand your hair growth and tailor each treatment to you!

(Waxing of the hair is an option)

Benefits & Results from Brow Treatments

Reshaping eyebrows
Altering eyebrow hair colour
Removing sparse hairs
Designing a new eyebrow

How does a Microblading treatment work?

Brow Treatments & Pricing

You can choose the individual treatment alone or select one of our treatment packages shown below…

Express Experiences to add on…

Why not select an express experience to enhance your treatment further!

Bespoke treatments made simple…

Genosys Soothing Bomb Sea Algae Mask

soothing, cooling, moisturising & firming

Genosys Intensive Repair Collagen Mask

Skin rejuvenation & added hydration

Genosys Peptide Gel Sheet Mask

calming, cooling & hydrating

LED Light Therapy 10

For 10 mins therapy

LED Light Therapy 20

For 20 mins therapy

LED Light Therapy 30

For 30 mins therapy

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Using our certified, high quality products and showing our dedication – client satisfaction is always proven. Full aftercare is always given post treatment to enjoy at home, which includes our 5 Senses aftercare gift. With easy access and free parking, right outside, The Clinic is the perfect choice for anyone looking for exceptional services and results.


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